Cal Hacks AI Hackathon

Cal Hacks AI Hackathon

Over this past weekend, I had the privilege of participating in the Cal Hacks AI Hackathon, an exceptional event that provided me with the opportunity to engage with numerous talented individuals, learn a lot of new things, and code endlessly.

During the hackathon, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a team of four on an innovative project titled WhereToEat. Our project involved the development of a sophisticated chatbot that leveraged the power of OpenAI and Google Maps API to connect users' culinary preferences with pertinent information regarding local restaurants. Our implementation incorporated the remarkable capabilities of GPT to effectively match user preferences with suitable dining establishments.

The chatbot initiates interactions with users, engaging in a back-and-forth exchange until it determines that it possesses sufficient information to query the Google Maps API for essential data. By leveraging the Google Maps API, our system can examine reviews, ratings, and distances of restaurants falling within the broad search criteria generated by our chatbot. Next, we connect the insights gleaned from the reviews, ratings, and distances with the user's conversation history, enabling the chatbot to present the top three restaurant recommendations that would best cater to the user's interests.

Upon obtaining the top three restaurant recommendations, we showcase relevant details such as the restaurant names, addresses, and an enticing gallery of food photographs. This visual representation of the dishes served by the recommended establishments aims to assist the user's decision-making process by providing tangible examples of the offered dishes. Through the incorporation of a user-friendly interface, our solution effectively addresses the perennial conundrum of deciding where to dine.

The following is a quick video demo of our project:


Furthermore, here are the public Github repositories for the frontend and the backend.

This was my first Hackathon, and I had a really great time. Thanks to everyone involved and to my amazing team! I'm looking forward to doing more!